hello welcome to my website, please open the navigation link at the top in another tab (if possible) in order to get a full menu of links.



improve info on in progress gentoo install guide


vastly improve contact information


add more info to mtf guide, update copyright year


update refsheet link following change of main character. add medical guides on self medicating mtf and setting a healthy sleep schedule.


add guide on python


added a guide on creating patch files using diff


started guide on speeding up a generic laptop. added troubleshooting information for terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Glib::ConvertError' in gparted and a guide for creating linux installers.


migrated and added additional data to tresemme prices, fixed bug in fabric conditioner page code, update cooking oil prices


added guide on reinstalling packages, simplified some names in navigation's gentoo section


add data on cooking oil prices


tabulated all of the remaining fabric conditioner data


add 100ml kiwi polish. added page for fabric conditioner prices and populated with data from localised survey.


remove repeated data about shoe polish, add famaco cream, fix spacing, add details on multibuys


include more info on updating gentoo packages. add guide on adding bgo-overlay


removed a duplicate tracker, fix the name of a tracker


our discounts code page now isn't just exclusive to dominos! check it out


add marking info to butter. add data on black shoe polish. tables converted to using th element. data has been condensed and in some cases alphabetised


removed oven information's sources column, instead adding the hyperlinks to the oven name to save space and improve page size/load speed as well as until a notable saving is made making the units of the headers into abbreviated forms allowing me to return to the default h2 size table headers, some words have also been abbreviated. added data on butter prices.


added a list of torrent trackers. add a guide on disabling dpms


added data on prices of rice and porridge oats, for now limited to physical stores, will add more at a later date as applicable/needed. CSS stylesheet has been optimised.


added a table of available discounts banks/cards have to offer. currently curve and barclays are there, with plans to potentially add more over time.


added guide on running warframe in linux


added guide on finding process ids in terminal. removed some whitespace in index


added details on gundam chronology so new viewers feel less intimidated, put in its own new section that i plan to in the future populate. removed redundant code that served no purpose.


migrated to github allowing me to clean up my repos over here, and have easier editing capabilities as well as backup capabilities;website is a lil slower to update but it isn't that bad. some page names where altered to shorter versions that made more sense. also removed some whitespace i never knew i had. corrected error.htm a lil although i really should get rid of it some time. fixed missing end tag in dep.htm. removed expired dominos codes and removed table styling, been renamed to dominos pizza codes to match the fact that's all it is. added some data on ovens, as well as a category that should later on be filled in.


added guides on various pieces of linux kernel troubleshooting. It has come to my attention that the github guides are essentially git guides so terminology has been updated. also a guide on committing to git.


added guides on deleting files and renaming files in linux terminal


vaapi guide now works, guide is now more focused around intel, however other guides can be made upon request


added links to three benchmarks. in the future i may make it into a more accessible github format open to the contribution of others, however regardless they have all been successfully archived on internet archive so they should always be available. made sure navigation page description is now correct. added changelog keyword to this page. added guide on vaapi encoding


moved gentoo in navigation to give a neater, more alphabetised appearance. added guide on installing packages in debian based distributions and a guide on getting quicksync in handbrake on ubuntu systems. removed how to from guides in navigation as they are already in a large overarching guides section. fixed navigation tabs not saying navigation. added guide on simplifying getting build dependencies/troubleshooting an error.


made one piece of menu text clearer, fixed manifest.htm showing the wrong title. two new gentoo guides to do with package management released.


added guide on creating ebuild manifests


brand new github section in guides! added some new github guides explaining how to update github forks, and set up an upstream in a local repository.


gave navigation categories and more descriptive external link names, two new guides have been added detailing some of the more difficult tasks when it comes to managing old facebook messages. brought back mobile viewing compatibility (please note this relies on the idea that desktops are landscape, and mobiles are portrait, if you use anything else please note it is highly likely the font size could look wrong, i doubt there will be enough demand to require me creating an actual fix for that)


made the site lighter weight, easier to navigate, more accessible, more manageable and themable.


begun guide on setting up kinect


removed erroneous space from no public key error. new linux distro coming soon! designed to create a fuller linux experience!


added how to fix the no public key error, slightly revised how i note information


a brand new troubleshooting page, to make problem solving easier than ever!


further site optimisations, new review!


as per a customer request i have increased the text margin by 500%. added margins to headings for a consistent feel. optimised code for a speedier site that uses less mobile data too!


as per two customer requests i have added small margins to text and put more images in my gallery. fixed some compatibility and performance issues too.


updated my codes, they should now all work~ enjoy getting cheaper domino's!


added a contacts page and a new reviews page and my first review, feel free to check it out~ i also updated my prices to make them clearer and more detailed.